“The Family Office Book: Investing Capital For the Ultra-Affluent” can be purchased at your book retailer for choice, at Barnes & Noble, through Wiley directly, through the Family Offices Group over the phone at (212) 729-5067, or via Amazon.com.  The ISBN # for this book is: 978-1118185360.  To buy a copy for each person on your team please contact us directly at Books@FamilyOfficesGroup.com.



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“Packed with information about what high-net worth individuals want, need and get from professional money managers. Richard pulls back the curtain on the almost mystical world of the super-wealthy for investors and for anyone getting into the family office business.”
 – Pimm Fox, Bloomberg TV and radio anchor. Taking Stock with Pimm Fox


“The Family Office Book is great because it explains exactly how the family office industry works, how the ultra wealthy are investing their money, and how the fund manager selection process works.

– Michael Skapoullis, Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) designation alumni


“Richard works with family offices and ultra-wealthy clients on a day-to-day basis.  “The Family Office Book” provides a unique perspective into exactly how those with $20M, $100M, or $1B are using family office wealth management vehicles to manage their capital.”
 – Russ Alan Prince, President of Prince & Associates, Inc.


“The  Family Office Book is unique as the most comprehensive study of the family office world.  It provides important perspective to families, family office management and clients of family offices.  A must read.”

– Charles B. Grace Jr., Director of Threshold Group, Founder of Ashbridge Investment Management


“Anyone that wants to be in the family office space needs to read this book.  It has countless bits of valuable advice.  It will be required reading for everyone that joins my family office team.”

– Noah B. Rosenfarb, CPA/ABV/PFS, Managing Director, Freedom Wealth Advisors